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Our next club meeting is: May  7th, 2017 at Portsmouth

Art & Cultural Center at  400 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23704 

Our next show is: Portsmouth Children's museum on April 28th, 29th, and 30th

LEGO® Spoken Here

You have just walked into a toy store. You meander around even though you know your destination. That particular aisle you have found yourself on so many times before. You get there in a roundabout way. Halfway up that aisle you just stop and stare. You feel your heartbeat increase as your eyes widen. The bright colors and neat packaging have provided gist for your imagination. Possibilities and ideas flow freely as you start to consider your budget. You casually pick up the box as if you aren't sure what it is, but you know exactly what it is. Slight glances from side to side as you feel the weight of the box. You flip it over and see pictures of what lies inside. You question yourself, "Should I?" The answer that returns is "No, can't afford it this week." Having realized that, you still take that colorful box, still go to the checkout, still dig out your money and, rationalizing that you'll just cut back next week, still buy it anyway. You are an adult LEGO user. You can remember vividly about when you were young and first experienced LEGO. You always wanted more, but seeing as you were a kid then, you didn't have a job to buy more. Years go by, you grow up and take on the world's responsibilities. You may have started your own family or you may be single, but either way, one day you saw LEGO somewhere. You have seen it around for years, but now it has really caught your eye again. You find yourself buying a set and feeling dumb about it because you are a grown-up. Next time, you don't feel so dumb. The time after that, you are asking for assistance finding a particular set. You no longer care who knows that you are into LEGO. If questioned by your friends about playing with Lego, you simply state, "I'm a collector." Kids play, adults collect. You are now at the point we have all arrived at. It's a nice place to be too, because there are a lot of us out there, and when we realize that, we want to share the enthusiasm. Tell the world you love Lego and the world will answer you back. Join a club in your area, make contacts, find deals. Come on out and share your hobby.